Personal introduction

Huib Spoorenberg
(Also an amateur painter)

I was born 30 December 1940, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I obtained a Master's degree in electrical engineering. I worked during  3 years in the electro technical industry and 33 years in a utility (PNEM, now part of Essent). I am retired since 2003.

My occupation with music is pure that I love lots of, most classical, music. With the music of Franz Schubert, especially his Lieder and pianoworks, I have a tie of over 50 years. I am not a professional, even not an amateur musician.

Erna Spoorenberg relationship (genealogy)
Before you mail the question: "are you related to Erna Spoorenberg?" I give already  the answer:

When I was a little boy, Erna was a very popular soprano in the Netherlands and abroad and people asked me and my sisters and brothers about our relationship with her. My late father Henri Spoorenberg (a medical doctor 1887-1976) made some genealogic studies, so I can tell you the following. The eldest known Spoorenberg was Goort, he was born around the year 1600; maybe the origin of the family laid in the Rhineland (Cologne). Henricus Spoorenberg (1727 - 1797), who was a tanner and a also a firefighter in Eindhoven, had a second son Joannes (1754 - 1825) and a third son Cornelius (1756 - 1845). The latter was the great-grandfather of Erna (who was born in 1925 in Yogjakarta on the isle of Java - the principal island of the former Dutch colony which is now Indonesia). His elder brother - Joannes - was my great-great-grandfather (I was born in 1940 in Eindhoven). So the "distance" (relationship) between Erna and me is the 11th remove.

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